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Canvas Prints

Have your special photos or artwork printed on canvas by Prints R Us – the Canvas Printing Specialists. Thanks to our attention to detail and superior finish, we are a preferred supplier to photographers and professional companies around Australia.

The materials and techniques we use really bring your photos to life. The lovely cotton-like texture of our high-quality canvases will add impact and character to your image.

If you can't find the Canvas size you're after, we can print any Custom Size you need. Just email us at: or fill in our Image Enquiry form with your Custom Size request.

We also provide Triptych- 3 panel Canvas Murals, please contact us via phone or email for pricing and sizes.

Professional Canvas Pricing

View Canvas Pricing - RECTANGLE
Size in Inches Size in cm's Pricing
6x8 15cmx20cm $ 60.00
8x12 20cmx30cm $ 70.00
12x16 30cmx41cm $ 85.00
12x18 30cmx45.5cm $ 89.00
16x20 41cmx51cm $ 110.00
16x24 41cmx61cm $ 125.00
18x24 45cmx61cm $ 133.00
20x24 51cmx61cm $ 138.00
20x30 51cmx76cm $ 160.00
24x36 61cmx91cm $ 230.00
30x40 76cmx102cm $ 279.00
30x60 76cmx152cm $ 369.00
View Canvas Pricing - SQUARE
Size in Inches Size in cm's Pricing
10x10 25cmx25cm $ 70.00
12x12 30cmx30cm $ 76.00
14x14 36cmx36cm $ 85.00
16x16 40cmx40cm $ 94.00
20x20 51cmx51cm $ 125.00
24x24 61cmx61cm $ 153.00
30x30 76cmx76cm $ 230.00
40x40 102cmx102cm $ 315.00
View Canvas Pricing - PANORAMIC
Size in Inches Size in cm's Pricing
10x20 25cmx51cm $ 89.00
12x24 30cmx61cm $ 110.00
12x30 30cmx76cm $ 133.00
16x32 41cmx81cm $ 160.00
16x40 41cmx102cm $ 195.00
20x40 51cmx102cm $ 230.00

If your after a canvas size not listed above, please email us with your enquiry and we will arrange a price quote for you.

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Our Canvas Materials

What Can you Print onto Canvas?

Just about anything you can think of! Portraits, wedding images, photos of scenery and landscapes, holiday photos, text, collages, promotional artwork, signage, paintings – the only limit is your imagination.

And your photos don’t have to be of professional quality. Printing onto canvas works very well for lower-quality images and photos of a lower resolution thanks to the cotton texture of the canvas and a range of special filters we can apply.

  • Quality Printing Materials: We print on 100% Archival Cotton Canvas (415gsm) and Poly Cotton Canvas, using Epson large format printers and genuine pigment inks. Our Canvas prints are fade resistant for up to 100 years.
  • Custom Hand-Stretching: Professionally hand-stretched onto quality kiln-dried stretcher bars with bevelled edges (square-edge stretcher bars may cause tearing and damage).
  • Protective Coatings: Your canvas will be water-resistant, fade-resistant and protected from fungus and UV rays. You can easily clean it without damaging your canvas.
  • Premium Frame: We now use 42mm quality pine kiln-dried frames for canvases up to 24x36in and Heavy Duty 42mm Tasmanian Hardwood frames for larger canvases. This sturdy finish prevents any warping and ensures a stable canvas that will stand the test of time.
  • Finishes & Borders: We offer a range of canvas finishes and borders to suit your image. We can advise you on the most suitable options when we receive your canvas order.

Canvas Borders and Finishes:

When you place your online order, you can choose from a variety of options and finishes, or we can advise you on the most suitable border options (all included in the price of your canvas):

  • Borders: White edge or coloured borders – you can match a colour on your image with the sides of the canvas.
  • Gallery Wrap: Image is wrapped around the borders of your canvas, creating a 3D effect.
  • Blur Wrap:The edges of the image are copied onto the borer of you canvas, with a blurred filter applied. Gives the impression that the image is continued onto the border sides.
  • Mirror Wrap: The edges of the image are duplicated onto the sides of the canvas.
  • Special Image Filters: We can create a unique look or mask low-resolution images with an artistic filter for a sketched, painted, water or other effect.
  • Laminate Finish: Satin or glossy – our canvases are coated with a satin laminate unless you opt for a glossy finish.
  • Framed Canvas Blocks: Add a modern and stunning contrast to your images by having your canvas framed in walnut, white or black wood. Available for any size canvas.

Need Inspiration?

Read some Unique and Creative Uses of Canvas by some of our customers.

Need Help?

We are happy to help you make the right decisions for your image – just fill in our online Image Enquiry form and we’ll get back to you within 2-5 hours, or call us on (03) 8804 1414.